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EuropaCorp Cinemas: a cinematic experience unlike any other, “the full impact of entertainment” in images.

EuropaCorp Cinemas in Aéroville is the first of a new generation of multiplexes, and has entered the digital age. It is not just a cinema – it offers thrills of all kinds for all publics and projects a huge variety of shows onto giant screens. EuropaCorp Cinemas has been designed by Luc Besson and combines the latest technology with optimum comfort. A place to share emotions and have fun with family and friends, at any time, with a screening approximately every 10 minutes.

The latest cinema releases and a unique programme of cultural events, all year round

EuropaCorp Cinemas invites you to experience Next Generation Cinema, combining comfort, state-of-the-art technology and captivating imagery. It lets you experience "new sensations" before, during and after your film viewing, at a cinema which constantly offers new experiences.

In the original language with subtitles or or dubbed into French; with family, friends, as part of a couple or on your own:
- Book your seats online or through our automated machines if you want to get your ticket quickly
- Why not try one of our ultra-exclusive “First” cinema screens with private bar and personal butler service
- Discover our exclusive “Live” offer: regular live broadcasts of opera, concerts, sports events, shows, and more...
- Immerse yourself in one of our large-screen auditoria with Atmos™ surround sound 
- Stroll around our interactive lobby with its giant screens
- Enjoy our premium ‘Fooding’ offer, availble for the first time in France
- End your visit at the EuropaStore: exclusive products for a prolonged cinematic experience
Find out about EuropaCorp Cinema special offers: - The UGC Unlimited card is now valid for EuropaCorp cinema. UGC Unlimited cards for solos and couples are now accepted at the EuropaCorp cinema cash desk and ticketing kiosk Full price: Classic cinema screens: €10.90 First cinema screens (premium service included): €24.90 Reduced price: Seniors (over 65s) : €8.50 Student or under 18: €8.50 Under 14: €4.50 Advantage cards: Five-entry card (unit price): €8.70 Family card: €8.50 PRM card: €8.50 Aéroville PRO card: second person gets 50% off First screening prices: Morning (Monday to Friday) : €7.70 Aéroville card (Monday to Friday excluding school and public holidays) : €6.50 School (from 10 pupils + 1 free of charge) : €6.50 3D: Additional charge for hiring DOLBY 3D glasses: €2.00 Also: - 2 cinema screens provide Dolby Atmos sound - 1 cinema with a screen more than 18 metres wide with 3D - EuropaCorp Cinemas loyalty card - Reduced prices for Works Councils - EuropaStore, which sells film-related products and a whole range of other items Further information at:
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